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A/X/Z Plan pricing calculations and explanations

The "Real Deal" regarding Plan Discounts

If your like me, you may have wondered how good of a deal is the plan discount? Well let me tell you, it doesn't get any better. The A/Z plan privledge as explained below is typically thousand(s) below factory invoice. Well what's invoice? Invoice is what we actually pay Ford for the vehicle(s). In reality, the strongest negotiator on a non-plan discount couldn't even come close to the savings you will get with the A/Z plan. It truly is a benefit of being a Ford/UAW employee.

The X plan also provides significant savings often equal to or below the factory invoice. This allows youq

Pricing Formula

  • The AXZD-Plan price is the amount shown on the line labeled appropriately near the bottom of the factory invoice. The New Vehicle Purchase Program price includes advertising, finance costs, transportation, and Company Administration Fee.
  • X-Plan is a pre-determined price based on dealer invoice or A-Plan price depending on brand. The X-Plan price is noted on the dealer invoice.


Dealer Invoice - Holdback - Advertising Assessment + Administration Fee* (see sample invoice)

  Dealer Invoice - (0.4% * Dealer Invoice) + Administration Fee* (see sample invoice)

*$275 Administration Fee for 2010MY vehicles, $75 Administration Fee for 2009MY and prior vehicles.